Teri Warke is an English novelist of Cherokee descent. She writes Childrens novels and short stories under her real name Teri Warke. 

She also writes fiction for adults under the pen name Nicole Hardin or Jezebel Dusk. As well as writting articles for various media outlets.

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Teri currently lives in South East London with her pets Vixen a rescue bombay cat and her Labrador Phoenix. She celebrated her 30th birthday in October 2016. In February 2016 she announced that her faithful companion Sox had passed away.

She began writing in the summer of 2012 after deciding she wanted to try something new. In late 2012 she closed her photography business to focus on writing full time. Her debut childrens novel entitled "The Secret World Of Felines" was released in August 2013. She describes the book as being influenced by her cat Sox when she would watch her disappear through a hole in the garden fence. The book proved successful worldwide despite only being available as a Kindle download, being most popular in the USA, UK and Japan. A sequel the book has already been confirmed but no release date has been given as yet.

Her second childrens novel "The Littlest Pumpkin" was released in October 2014 as a special Halloween release. The story was taken from an upcoming collection book of short stories for children.

Teri's latest book a fiction book for adults the title of which has not yet been released is expected to be released mid 2017.

Before writing novels Teri was a successful photographer. She began her career in photography in 2005 and quickly built up a successful business. Winning the title of Youngest successful entreprenueur in the UK in 2007 at the age of 20. Throughout her photography career she worked with various media outlets and on news programmes for BBC, ITV and Sky news before moving onto BBC London Weather.

Teri's main passion in life is music which she studied extensively after leaving school. She studied Music Theory and composition at university as well as taking on a further qualification in Music production. She still has a keen interest in music and has written articles on the industry for tabloids and magazines.

As well as studying music Teri also studied Media Studies, Photography, and doing a diploma in business enterprise. She supports women in business and has appeared at Women In Business conferences.

She is highly intelligent with her IQ peaking at 160 despite being autistic.

Teri is a keen supporter of charities, particularly animal welfare charities and has worked with The Celia Hammond Animal Trust as well as volunteering at animal rescue centres.

Teri has a interest in nature and gardening and has converted her small London garden into a wildlife haven, She likes to build her own wildlife homes using whatever she can find available. Her garden pond housing frogs is the cats old litter tray. She even has a homemade Snailarium for her garden snails, there she feeds the snails throughout the spring and summer months. Teri mentions this has stopped the snails from eating her plants.
She lives a healthy balanced lifestyle consisting of a Vegetarian diet and practising daily yoga and meditation. She is fascinated by alternative therapies and is currently studying to become a qualified crystal healing therapist. She has an alternative blog where she posts about meditation and the paranormal.

Teri's cat Sox