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September 19th 2015

New spiritual and meditation blog launched online.

Being a spiritualist and practising meditation since 2004 I have learnt a lot of varied techniques. Often being asked about different things on twitter I thought it was about time to share what I have learnt. So I have launched a blog dedicated solely for spiritual topics. It will be updated regularly with different meditation techniques, topics on spirit guides, twinflames and other topics of a spiritual nature. I must state it is not a religious blog as I follow no set religion, it is merely a lifestyle blog, suitable for everyone. It can be found here:

My main blog found in the menu will still remain active and continue to be updated regularly on a variety of topics. So keep checking:

Exciting announcement coming soon........

Jacob Laurits was always a shy boy. He spent his childhood and teenage years mostly alone, this is how he preferred it. The other children his age thought he was odd, a somewhat peculiar character. Overlooked by everyone as just a strange, lost soul. As he grew older he discovered art and decided that's what he would use to express himself as nobody seemed to pay any attention to him. At least that's what he thought. While other people disregarded him and branded him as weird, strange or odd Jacob was finding his own place in the world. He had decided that someday people would pay attention to him. When he turned eighteen he left his home in Veendam Holland and set off to attend The Royal College of Art in London, a place he'd never been to but had always dreamed of moving to. As he was leaving, his father who Jacob had always thought hadn't listened to him, handed him a package and told him to open it on the journey to London. Whilstsitting in a cramped smelly train to Amsterdam to catch his flight he unwrapped the package and found it was a leather-bound journal with a note attached. “Jacob, my dear boy, use this journal to document your daily introspections, for it will all be over so quickly” An unimpressed Jacob stashed the journal away into his bags, never intending to use it. For a while he didn't. What he didn't know though was this very journal would later on become full of entries of a very distressed, depressed, introverted, drug addicted existentialist who was facing a daily battle for survival....

A small excerpt from the as yet untitled fiction novel. More information to follow shortly.